We feel sorry for the starving cat that was abandoned and had to go through the trash to find food. We wish the cat luck in finding someone to help and change its fate ‎

Today, in a world of prosperity and comfort, there are small friends whom we often overlook and forget. They are the lost ones, abandoned in narrow corners and sometimes forced to live in hunger and loneliness. Today, we want to pause and remember one of those friends – a stray cat, having to scavenge for food amidst garbage.


The image of the tiny cat, crawling through piles of rubbish in search of a morsel, not only tugs at our heartstrings but also awakens our humane emotions and compassion. That unfortunate cat possesses something special – the patience and bravery of a warrior battling fate.

In a busy and pressured world, we often forget the existence of these small friends, and that’s regrettable. They too have feelings, they too need care and love. They cannot speak, but they can feel the love and care from humans.

Let’s hope that the little cat will find help and affection from kind souls. Let’s hope that it won’t be lonely anymore, and will be cradled in the warm embrace of a loving owner. Let’s hope that the cat will change its fate and find happiness in its new life.

So, take a moment to acknowledge and share love with these small friends. Be a part of the positive change in their lives and be a source of encouragement, hope, and love for them. We can do that – a small gesture from us can bring about significant change for these invaluable friends.

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