Rediscovered Love: Overjoyed 23-Year-Old Cat Abandoned at a Shelter Finds Happiness in Being Loved Once Again.

At the age of 23, a very senior cat ended up in the shelter. When a volunteer began caressing her, she couldn’t stop purring because she was overjoyed to be adored.


Ora arrived with a laundry list of diseases. CACC Cat Transfer Team stated, “She is 23 years old, and he has owned her since 1994.”
“I’m not sure why he would abandon her after all that time together, but he did note that she has been urinating outside the box and that she hasn’t gone to the vet in a long time.”

She is highly affectionate and would purr uncontrollably when volunteers stroke her head.

They were well aware that the sweet-natured old lady was not a shelter resident.

Volunteers turned to Facebook for assistance. Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions stepped forward within a day to save the wonderful elderly lady from the shelter, giving Ora the second chance she so richly deserves.

Young at Heart, a Woodstock, Illinois-based rescue and safe haven for elderly dogs and cats, is committed to give Ora a happy existence in her golden years.

“Ora, a 23-year-old cat, was already rescued from CACC. Currently, she is adjusting into her foster home “said Dawn Kemper of Young At Heart.
“This adorable kitten is resting into her warm bed, getting plenty of affection, and really enjoying a special treat of baby food after a full afternoon that included a freedom trip and a visit to the vet.”

“Whatever this old gal need, we’ll make sure she’s comfortable and happy for as long as she’s with us,” the rescue organization stated.

“We’ll make sure she knows that Love Has No Age LimitTM!”

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