The Enchanting G͏i͏a͏n͏t͏ Kitten that Steals Hearts with Its 20k͏g͏ We͏i͏g͏h͏t͏ ‎

Once settled in their new home, Patches is sure to have many exciting adventures ahead. When Kay Ford, hailing from Virginia, first laid eyes on the chubby Patches, she immediately fell in love – the kind of love often referred to as “love at first sight.” It’s easy to understand why, as it’s hard for anyone not to have their heart melt for a plump and cuddly cat weighing a whopping 18kg.

Kay first came across Patches through a Facebook post from the Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) group, a local animal shelter. Her daughter had shared the post, and it instantly caught Kay’s attention. The RACC was actively searching for a new home for Patches.


“Today you woke up and said you wanted to adopt the biggest cat that anyone has ever seen? Well, we have a cat just like that waiting for you,” the post read.
The RACC group posted a photo of the perfectly plump cat with a caption stating that Patches was undergoing a special exercise and diet plan and just needed someone to “help him reach a safe and healthy weight.”
“Until then, we will marvel at his perfect body!” the post exclaimed.
Patches had already lost some weight after being transferred to RACC. According to RACC staff member Savannah Hughes, the cat weighed over 19kg when its original owner brought it to the center.
“Patches has already lost some weight thanks to the diet we’ve implemented,” Savannah said.
Savannah, who frequently interacted with Patches while waiting for him to be adopted, described him as an “extremely sweet” kitten.
Another staff member named Robin Young explained that Patches’ original owner had abandoned him on April 4 because they could no longer care for him. Needless to say, the cat made quite an impression on the RACC team.

Images of Kay Ford and Patches.
“We were all shocked by its size. It’s definitely the biggest cat any of our staff have ever seen,” Young told TODAY news.
On April 19th, RACC posted a photo of Patches on Facebook and “immediately started receiving emails from interested people,” according to Young. People from as far as California and Maine even inquired about bringing Patches home.
On that same day, RACC chose Kay Ford from the many applicants.
“We liked Kay’s email describing how she would help Patches in their weight loss journey and how they would do it together. She is also an experienced pet owner ready to face the weight loss challenge for Patches,” Young said.
After spending 2 weeks at RACC, Patches was welcomed into Kay Ford’s home. Helping Patches shed a few pounds will require a lot of effort, but Kay Ford says she is ready for the challenge. She also helps address the question everyone wonders: How can a cat get so big?

She said, “The only story I know is the reason it became so big is because its previous owners gave it too many snacks.
Fortunately, Patches had previously seen a veterinarian, so Kay Ford could track its past condition through the records.
Now, having settled into its new home, Patches is sure to have many adventures ahead.

Kay Ford has created a Facebook page to track Patches’ weight loss journey. In just one week, the page has gained over 5,000 followers.
For now, Kay Ford is focused on supporting Patches in living a healthier lifestyle and says she is excited to see what the future holds for this little cat.
“I see the concern in the animal’s eyes, I can tell it is uncomfortable with its weight,” she said.

According to the Guinness World Records, the heaviest cat to date is Himmy, owned by Thomas Vyse, who lived in Australia and weighed 21.2kg when he passed away on March 12, 1986, at 10 years and 4 months old.

In January 2023, the media reported on the giant cat Murphy, a Maine Coon breed, weighing 11kg and measuring 104cm from head to tail at just 12 months old. Murphy is so large that he is often mistaken for a dog or sometimes a small lion.
The owner of the beloved cat Murphy, Sareeta Brewin (46 years old) from Worcester County, Massachusetts, said she is often tagged in posts about sightings of the large cat all over Worcestershire.

Murphy has a huge appetite and spends a lot of money on food, about 1.7 million VND worth of dry food per month.

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