Alluring Splendor: Admiring the Majestic Beauty of the Enchanting Caracal.

The black-tailed lynx (also known as the caracal) is a wild cat native to Africa and the Middle East. Currently, this species is popular among animal lovers as a domestic pet.


The color range of the fur coat of a black-eared leopard can vary from brownish-orange to brick red. The underbelly, chin, and throat are covered in white fur. There is a black stripe that runs from the eyes to the nose.

The black-tailed lynx has a length of 40-50 cm and weighs between 8-18 kg.

One unique feature of the maned wolf is the cluster of long black fur behind their ears, which measures approximately 4.4 cm in length.

A small black-furred Lynx.

The black-handed civet is known to be active during the night.

It is known to prey on small mammals, birds and rodents.

The black-eared civet is capable of leaping up to 3 meters high and catching birds in mid-air.

Currently, many individuals are opting for black-eared cats as their choice of house pets.

When they reach one year old, black-eared lynxes enter their reproductive phase.

They usually have a gestation period of 2-3 months and give birth to litters of 1-6 offspring.

After about 9-10 months, black-eared cats will leave their mother to live on their own. Normally, the offspring will stay with their mother.

The black-eared cat prefers to live in forests, deserts, or areas with a lot of shrubs and bushes.

On average, black-eared cats live up to 16 years when kept in captivity.

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