Embarking on Moggy’s Dinosaur Expedition: Mastering T-Rex Moves post Electric Shock Loss.

Following an unfortunate incident involving an electric shock, a cat experienced the loss of its front paws and tail. However, this resilient feline, affectionately named “Able,” has adapted by navigating on its hind legs, reminiscent of a T-Rex. Hailing from Chiang Mai, Thailand, this brown and white moggy encountered the life-altering shock from loosely hanging wires. Despite the challenges posed by its condition, Able has defied the odds and refused to allow its missing limbs to hinder its everyday feline activities. Through dedicated care and healing, this courageous kitten has emerged triumphant and continues to live its life as a normal cat.

Able was a young kitten of only one year when a loud bang startled the neighborhood, leading some to believe that a bomb had detonated nearby. A massive surge of electricity passed through Able’s body, causing severe damage to his tail and two front paws, rendering him incapable of moving. A resident named Walai Sriboonvorakul, aged 49, discovered Able, now three years old, stranded in an alley approximately seven days after the unfortunate incident. With tender care and dedication, she nurtured Able back to health, and after two years, he has fully recovered. In fact, he has even acquired new skills such as navigating flights of stairs, engaging in playful chases with fellow felines, and accomplishing remarkable jumps up walls by employing a kangaroo-like bouncing technique.


‘Able’ gets around by walking like a T-Rex after his front legs were ‘fried off’ by loose electric wires. The cat’s gait resembles how the dino moves and Able’s ‘fried off’ arms are even similar to the shrunken limbs of the frightening beast

‘Able’ moves about in a peculiar manner, resembling the walking style of a T-Rex, as unfortunate loose electric wires resulted in the loss of his front legs. Mirroring the movements of the dinosaur, Able’s modified gait displays an uncanny resemblance, while his “fried off” arms evoke the image of the T-Rex’s diminished limbs, reminiscent of the fearsome creature.

Able was disfigured after the horrific incident that happened in the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand

In addition to walking like a T-Rex, the three-year-old cat hops like a kangaroo

Able, the three-year-old cat from Chiang Mai, Thailand, went through a tragic incident that left him disfigured. Despite his disabilities, Able manages to amaze everyone with his unique way of getting around. His walk resembles that of a T-Rex, while his jumps mimic those of a kangaroo. According to Ms Sriboonvorakul, Able is still a beautiful and capable cat. They named him “Able” because he proves that he can do anything, just like any other animal. The incident that caused Able’s injuries involved him being electrocuted by wires. The loud explosion sounded like a bomb, and the electric shock was so powerful that it caused his legs and tail to detach. Initially, Able struggled and experienced a lot of pain from his wounds. However, he adapted astonishingly quickly, managing to stand and balance on his hind legs. His strength is remarkable, as he can navigate stairs with ease and even engage in playful chases with other cats by bouncing around like a miniature kangaroo. Not only that, but Able can also jump to high heights, scaling walls and ledges effortlessly. Overall, Able’s resilience and determination are truly inspiring. Despite his physical challenges, he has managed to find his own way of getting around, captivating everyone he encounters with his unique movements.

The electric shock was so loud that neighbours thought a bomb had gone off. Able was rescued by Walai Sriboonvorakul, who found him lying in an alley

The sound of the electric shock was so deafening that the neighbors were convinced it was an explosion. Fortunately, Able was saved by Walai Sriboonvorakul, who stumbled upon him lying helpless in an alleyway. Upon being taken into the family’s warm and welcoming home, the sick cat was showered with affection and nourishment. Ms Sriboonvorakul and her 26-year-old son, Copter, granted Able the freedom to roam freely in their garden and beyond. However, Able often strayed too far and encountered hostile stray animals who would chase him back home, leaving him hopping in fear. To ensure Able’s safety, the family decided to keep him indoors within their two-story house. Interestingly, Able’s favorite routine involves sprinting up the stairs to Copter’s bedroom every morning to rouse him from slumber. Copter affectionately expressed, “Able is now an integral part of our family. To him, I am like a big brother. He eagerly ascends the stairs to my bedroom, ready to wake me up for the day. We engage in various playful activities with Able, treating him like any other cat in the household. Despite losing his legs, he has found solace in our loving home and is truly pampered.”

Able struggled at first but the brave cat has adapted quickly. Not only can he hop around but is able to jump over high walls

At the beginning, Able faced some challenges, but this courageous feline swiftly adjusted. Now, not only is he capable of hopping with ease, but he can also effortlessly leap over towering walls.

Able is now considered part of the Sriboonvorakul family and is kept inside their two storey home

Able has officially become a cherished member of the Sriboonvorakul household, residing comfortably within their cozy two-storey dwelling.

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