In a Touching Farewell, a Girl Sings the Heartfelt Song ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to Her Cat in Their Final Moments Together

A young girl sings “You Are My Sunshine” to a dying cat.

As any pet owner can attest, pets play a significant role in a person’s life and eventually become members of the family.


Despite not being human, pets provide their owners with unconditional love and happiness, but they unfortunately do not live forever.

There is a likelihood that every pet owner will eventually experience a loss because of this. Dealing with and experiencing this can be extremely difficult for young children.

Similarly, this narrative is extremely emotional, so be prepared to wipe your eyes.

This video depicts a young girl singing “You Are My Sunshine” to her dying cat just before Christmas.

Abby, who is only four years old, has many fond memories of her magnificent cat Bailey, who lived with her family for ten years before she was born. Thus, they formed a very special friendship.

Abby and Bailey were lifelong best friends. Abby read and sang to Bailey frequently.

In the video, Bailey appears to fully comprehend that Abby was serenading her best friend for the final time. Due to Bailey’s failing kidney, she passed away shortly thereafter.

Abby was praised by thousands of people from around the world who shared, liked, and commented on the video after it was posted online.

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