Have you ever thought that there is an adorable fluffy cat that is so cute that you would not hesitate to ask for a cuddle? Let’s meet Bone Bone, the cat from Thailand.

Not only does this cat named Bone Bone have an extremely cute appearance with fluffy fur and sparkling adorable eyes, but he also has various ‘one-of-a-kind’ poses, becoming a ‘hot’ phenomenon on social media in Thailand! With over 30 thousand followers on Instagram, Bone Bone’s daily routine consists of playing for people to admire. What delights many is that Bone Bone always wears a tiny, cute yellow backpack on his back.

Despite being loved and sought after for cuddles all day long, the only thing this cat dislikes is affectionate gestures and petting. He just wants his precious fur to be undisturbed.


However, it’s true that ‘what one dislikes, others are eager to offer.’ The more Bone Bone avoids contact, the more people want to do the opposite. Every time he goes out with his owner to public places, this cat attracts special attention, especially from women. With his round and furry appearance like a cute ball, it’s understandable why Bone Bone has become famous.

Let’s take a look at some adorable pictures of Bone Bone

Super chubby and plump all the time! It makes you want to squeeze and cuddle forever

The guy possesses a pair of deep blue eyes with a deadly, killer charm

This is what our fluffy cat does every day – he puts on his backpack and explores every nook and cranny in the park

Look at that tree-climbing posture, isn’t it adorable?

A close-up of the guy’s ‘fishing rod dance’ after having a bit too much to drink. Someone must be very proud of their beer belly

It’s really hard for someone to resist the temptation of cuddling this mischievous guy’s precious and adorable body

If you’re feeling sad about your face being too big, maybe you should take a look at this picture first

The fan meeting at the shopping center is always a blast. The atmosphere is as pure as distilled water

With over 30 thousand followers on Instagram, Bone Bone is currently the most famous cat in the Land of the Golden Temples.

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