Unexpected Friendship: Cat Sneaks Into Zoo, Forges Unbreakable Bond with Lynx.

The type of animal doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to forming lasting friendships. This has been proven by two unlikely friends residing at St. Petersburg’s Zoo. A European lynx and a regular Russian cat have forged an unbreakable bond despite their differences. As per Love Meow, the cat was originally homeless and stumbled upon some food near the lynx’s abode. Rather than being territorial and fending off the feline, the lynx welcomed her and the two quickly became inseparable. Love Meow notes that it appears the cat relies on the lynx as much as the lynx relies on her. Visitors to the zoo have even speculated that the cat views her companion as a maternal figure since the cat was only a kitten when they first met. The zoo has since adopted the cat, allowing the pair to remain together and continue their special friendship. Find out more about this story on lovemeow.com.


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