Kitten Adopted By A Feline Family Gets A New Chance At Life

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Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear fur, just like this feline family of eight. This remarkable family opened their hearts and paws to a tiny gray kitten, granting her a second chance at life.


It all started when a tiny gray kitten, who was born to a feral cat, ended up being the sole survivor of the litter. Sadly, the mother cat showed no interest in caring for her baby at all, leaving the helpless kitten in desperate need of help.

Credit: we_foster_kittens
Fortunately, fate had something special in store for this tiny kitten. Upon hearing the kitten’s story, Courtney, a foster volunteer of Rescue Right in Bedford, New York, stepped in to help her.

She named the kitten Buffy and provided her with around-the-clock care. Courtney said:

“Her mom wanted nothing to do with her, so I started bottle-feeding her.”

Without Courtney’s intervention, Buffy’s chances of survival would have been very low. But, little did they know, the kitten was about to get a new furry family.

Credit: we_foster_kittens
A few weeks before Buffy’s arrival, Courtney had fostered a heavily pregnant rescued cat named Lola. The cat soon gave birth to eight beautiful kittens and proved to be a wonderful and devoted mother.

Inspired by Lola’s maternal instincts, Courtney got an excellent idea – to introduce Buffy to this feline family.

Credit: we_foster_kittens
Their first encounter was nothing short of magical. Lola, displaying boundless compassion, immediately embraced Buffy, allowing her to suckle and becoming her new mother. Courtney shares the touching moment:

“Lola took her in immediately and let her nurse and became her mom. I knew Buffy was going to be okay when Lola accepted her into her family.”

Buffy received not only a warm welcome from her new mother but also the enthusiastic companionship of her step-siblings. Play sessions and snuggles soon became part of their daily routine.

Credit: we_foster_kittens
While Buffy basked in the love of her new family, Courtney continued to supplement her diet to ensure she grew stronger and more energetic. She said:

“She has fit right in and even started using the litter box, eating food and drinking water.”

With the warm embrace of her newfound family, Buffy underwent a remarkable transformation. She seemed to have always belonged with this loving feline clan.

Credit: we_foster_kittens
As time passed, the kittens evolved into affectionate little bundles of joy, enjoying human attention. Courtney couldn’t have been happier with Buffy’s seamless integration into the family, saying:

“She loves being up high or sitting in my lap. But, she loves to snuggle with her siblings. It’s her favorite thing ever.”

When the kittens grew old enough for adoption, all of Lola’s kittens successfully found their loving homes. But what about Buffy? Was she left all alone again?

Credit: we_foster_kittens
Absolutely not! Buffy had stolen Courtney’s heart, and in a heartwarming twist, she chose to remain by her devoted human’s side.

Courtney grew really attached to Buffy, who gained a lot of fans on social media. That even encouraged Courtney to make Buffy her own Instagram profile where everyone could keep up with her daily activities.

Credit: buffy_thebatcat
Feel free to check it out and see where’s little Buffy today!

Buffy’s story is proof that even in life’s most challenging moments, there’s always hope and kindness to be found, just like this lovely furry family accepted Buffy, and offered her a warm welcome and an abundance of love.

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